Marcel Proust "In Search of Lost Time: The Way by Swann's"

One of the greatest, most entertaining reading experiences in any language, Marcel Proust's "In Search of Lost Time Vol. 1: The Way by Swann's" is published in a new translation from the French by Lydia Davis in Penguin Classics.

"The Way by Swann's" is one of the great novels of childhood, depicting the impressions of a sensitive boy of his family and neighbours, brought dazzlingly back to life by the famous taste of a madeleine. It contains the separate short novel, A Love of Swann's, a study of sexual jealousy that forms a crucial part of the vast, unfolding structure of "In Search of Lost Time". This book established Proust as one of the greatest voices of the modern age - satirical, sceptical, confiding and endlessly varied in his responses to the human condition.

Paperback, 496 pages
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