Simone de Beauvoir "The Inseparables"

The lost novel from the author of The Second Sex published in English for the first time.

The compulsive story of two friends growing up and falling apart.

Introduced by Deborah Levy.

When Andrée joins her school, Sylvie is immediately fascinated. Andrée is small for her age, but walks with the confidence of an adult. Under her red coat, she hides terrible burn scars. And when she imagines beautiful things, she gets goosebumps... Secretly Sylvie believes that Andrée is a prodigy about whom books will be written.

The girls become close. They talk for hours about equality, justice, war and religion; they lose respect for their teachers; they build a world of their own. But they can't stay like this forever.

Written in 1954, five years after The Second Sex, the novel was never published in Simone de Beauvoir's lifetime. This first English edition includes an afterword by her adopted daughter, who discovered the manuscript hidden in a drawer, and photographs of the real-life friendship which inspired and tormented the author.

Translated by Lauren Elkin. 
Afterword from Sylvie Le Bon de Beauvoir.

Hardback, 176 pages.
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