Christopher Badcock "The Diametric Mind"

Läbi müüdud

The diametric model of the mind and of mental illness is based on Hans Asperger’s depiction of autism as a deficit condition where our ability to understand other people’s behaviour in terms of intention, emotion, and meaning, is concerned: what it calls mentalism. According to the model, psychosis is a state of hyper-mentalism in which intention metastasizes into paranoia, emotion into mania, and meaning into delusions of all kinds.

The most important insight of the diametric model is that perceived reality is complex in the sense in which complex numbers are: comprising a real part based in the physical world of cause and effect but also an imaginary part in a mind which has free will.

The book develops this model of the mind by showing how it resolves most of the paradoxes of IQ and AI, along with giving a unique insight into modern society. It then goes on to give an up-to-date account of the imprinted brain theory which provides its neuroscientific basis and argues that literacy—and fiction in particular—plays a key role.

Finally, the diametric model is presented as a new paradigm for psychiatry, psychology, and the social sciences.

Läbi müüdud