Eva S "I Came Here to Take Your Job"

When Brexit hit in 2016, I had been living in the UK for over five years. I found myself being dragged into a mess I never even knew existed. I was an eastern European in the UK and apparently, I was the reason for all this countries issues. I was here to take the English jobs, I was here to take their benefits. But all I really wanted was to have a pint with my mates in the pub and whine about the weather instead.

I Came Here To Take Your Job is Eva S.' first book, in which she describes her years living in London before, during, and after the Brexit referendum. Originally from Estonia, she ended up in the UK randomly, fell in love with its people and now considers the place her second home. Even though 51.9% of its population hates her nationality and wants her gone, she still loves to banter and get pissed with them.

Paperback, 280 pages.
Lisa ostukorvi15 €