Bookclub - books in English

Puänt bookclub works on the principle of surprise. The reader can choose between categories and time periods on the basis of which the books will be chosen and sent straight to the mailbox. The prices are approximate, leaving room for the choosing of the titles. We play around the number 15 - the first month you may receive a book priced 11€ and the next month a book worth 19€. Shipping (small package 1,75-2,7€) will be 1€ per book (it is included in the approximate) and the rest will be covered by us as a thank you for trusting us.

If you wish to gift a bookclub subscription to a friend then please fill out the name and address accordingly.

The books will be sent out during the first week of the month.

Puänt bookclub will operate inside Estonia. If interested then we are open for special arrangements.

Please choose "Raamatuklubi/Bookclub" as preferred shipping method (tarneviis)

Please mark your address!
Lisa ostukorvi